What are dental implants:

Dental implants are titanium inserts that take the place of tooth roots. They are firmly fixed into the jawbone on which a fixed or removable false tooth [prosthesis] can be attached to look and function like a natural tooth.

Advantages of Implants:

1.No need of removable dentures.
2. No need to grind natural adjacent teeth for fabrication of bridges.
3. Implants are biocompatible.
4. With proper care and oral hygiene, implants usually last a lifetime.
5. Implants provide stability and comfort.
6. Eliminate the need for adjustment once placed.
7. Stimulate natural bone minimising further bone loss.

Dental implant solutions with modern dental Technology:

1.Single toothreplacement.
-Individually made ceramic crowns look and feel like natural teeth.
2. Multiple tooth replacement
 - A Bridge supported on implants.
- Natural looking replacement for missing teeth.
3. Full mouth replacement of teeth  
A. With Removable implant overdenture:
-  Cost effective option.
-  New teeth are attached to 2 or more dental implants.
-  The prosthesis is removable.
-  Easy to clean and maintain.
-  The need for denture adhesive is eliminated.
B. With Fixed implant supported bridges: